The French Australian Review – No 62 Australian Winter 2017


JEAN FORNASIERO AND JOHN WEST-SOOBY, The French Revolution and the Politics of Sea Voyaging

This article provides details on an international research project, bringing together eight researchers from three continents, into State-sponsored French voyages in the Revolutionary era. It seeks to set these voyages within their intellectual and political contexts. The article provides insights into some of the early findings of this research—the similarities and differences in the voyages undertaken between 1789 and 1804, with particular reference to two voyages led by Nicolas Baudin, the first in 1796 and the second departing in 1800.

Keywords: French Revolution, voyages of scientific discovery, Nicolas Baudin, the Belle Angélique, the Géographe

ALEXIS BERGANTZ, The Culture and Politics of Frenchness in Australia (1890–1914): Reflections on a Research Project

This article presents a reflection on the evolution of the author’s research project between 2011 and 2015, as it shifted from a focus on migration to one situated within a transnational frame. The author was able to draw extensively on the archives of the Sydney and Melbourne French consulates, which are housed in France. Through these and other documents he was able to explore the role that France and the French played in the development of Australian culture in the late nineteenth century.

Keywords: migrant history, national identity, New Caledonia, cultural capital, Russel Ward, Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs


The authors have drawn on the archives of the University of Melbourne to document and analyse Australian soldiers’ experiences and intercultural interactions around food in the First World War. The importance of food in the daily structure of life and in troop morale, the quality of food and the opportunities for experiencing local food are documented and discussed through extracts from personal diaries, articles, letters and other documents. The article is enlivened by the inclusion of a number of cartoons from Aussie, The Australian Soldiers’ Magazine.

Keywords: The First World War, Australian troops in France, the Comforts Fund, Aussie, the Australian Soldiers’ Magazine, The University of Melbourne archives

COLIN NETTELBECK, The National Library of Australia’s French Second World War Collection

This note documents a little-known collection of French material from the Second World War, which was acquired by the National Library of Australia in 1867. The collection consists of many hundreds of documents relating to the political, social, moral and legal aspects of the war and occupation in France. There are broadsides, pamphlets, propaganda leaflets and publications representing all perspectives on this troubled period in French history. The note includes a small number of cartoons/illustrations from these various publications.

Keywords: France during the Second World War, Léon Delarbre, H.P. Kraus Periodicals, The National Library of Australia

WILLIAM A. LAND, The Palmes Académiques in Australia

This note documents the history of the establishment of the Palmes académiques, their current status and the history of the awards in Australia.
A list of Australian recipients of the award was compiled by the author and can be consulted on the ISFAR website under Resources.

Keywords: Palmes académiques, Association des Membres de l’Ordre des Palmes Académiques (AMOPA)

An obituary of a highly regarded teacher of French, who spent many years in the Department of French at the University of Melbourne and then, after retiring, continued teaching at the Stonnington University of the Third Age.

Keywords: lecteur, University of Melbourne, Melbourne French Theatre

Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War, by Jacqueline Dwyer, reviewed by Edward Duyker

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes.

The French Australian Review – No 61 Australian Summer 2016-2017


JILL DONOHOO, NSW Premier William Holman and the ‘inexhaustible interest of French literature and affairs’

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This is an exploration of the public and private aspects of William Holman’s francophilia and its significance in his life. Holman was premier of New South Wales between 1913 and 1920 and he was a very public supporter of the French war effort. The article seeks to provide insights into the reasons for Holman’s francophilia.

Keywords: William Arthur Holman, World War One, French mission to Australia, French Australian League of Help, conscription, French community in Sydney

FLORENT VIGUIÉ, The Collaboration between Writer Daniel Keene and his Translator Séverine Magois: A Successful Mediation

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This is the translation (by Phoebe Weston-Evans) of an article previously published in the French journal Traduire. It examines the success of the playwright Daniel Keeene in France and the role played in that success by Séverine Magois, who was his translator and then his agent, promoting his work to publishers and directors.

Keywords: ‘Semaine des auteurs australiens’, Comédie Française, Sydney Theatre Company, Tim Maddock, Ariette Taylor, Maison Antoine Vitez, Jacques Nichet, Laurent Laffargue, Renaud Cojo

ALEXIS BERGANTZ, Mapping the Consul’s Treasure: A Discussion and Guide to French Consular Archives

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A valuable contribution to the cataloguing of archives restored to France after their discovery in Australia in the late 1980s. This note is a guide to the archives now housed in two sites in France.

Keywords: Archives du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, La Corneuve, Centre des Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes (CADN), Sydney and Melbourne consulates, 1854-1997

EDWARD DUYKER, On the Trail of Lapérouse
This is a report on Edward Duyker’s research undertaken when he was in residence at the Keesing Studio in Paris in the first half of 2016. He was doing research for a biography of Jean-François Galaup de Lapérouse.

An account of a number of events that took place in Paris and France in April 2016, relating to Australia-French relations

Keywords: Villers-Bretennoux, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, L’oeil et la main, Exhibition of artwork from the Baudin expedition

A brief catalogue of ISFAR activities from 2014-2016

Courtesan and Countess: The Lost and Found Memoirs of the French Consul’s Wife, translated and annotated by Jana Verhoeven, Alan Willey and Jeanne Allen, reviewed by Jane Gilmour

Le Conte de Beauvoir, Ludovic de Beauvoir’s Visit to Australia (Voyage autour du monde, Tome 1), translated and edited by John Melville-Jones, contributions by Nicola Cousen, Steve Mullins, Stefan Petrow, Marie and John Ramsland, reviewed by Jill Donohoo

Natalie Edwards, Ben McCann and Peter Poiana (eds), Framing French Culture, reviewed by Marie Ramsland

Marie Darrieussecq, Men: A Novel of Cinema and Desire (Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes), translated by Penny Hueston, reviewed by Charlotte Mackay

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes.

The French Australian Review – No 60 Australian Winter 2016

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

MARILYNE BRUN, Towards a History of Australian Studies in France

This is a comprehensive review of the history and present state of Australian studies in French universities.

Keywords: Australian studies, staffing structures and administrative procedures of French universities, Australianists, colonial studies, Commonwealth studies, financial support

THIERRY VINCENT, A Forgotten Collector of Australian Ethnographic Objects in the Muséum d’histoire naturelle of Le Havre: Eugène Delessert

This article explores the fortunes of Aboriginal objects collected by Eugène Delessert during his travels in the South Pacific in the middle of the nineteenth century. They were acquired by the Museum of Natural History in Le Havre, an institution with many links to Australia.

Keywords: Eugène Delessert, Aboriginal artifacts, World War II, Le Havre, Muséum d’histoire naturelle, cultural heritage

MARGARET BARRETT, Charles Lancial: Vichy Consul and French Patriot

Drawing on hitherto unknown sources, this biographical essay of Charles Lancial, French Consul in Melbourne, loyal to Marshall Pétain’s Vichy government, demonstrates that both Lancial’s motivation and his behaviour were more complex than has been thought.

Keywords: Charles Lancial, Jean Trémoulet, Vichy French State, Marshall Pétain, Free French Movement, Department of External Affairs, National Archives of Australia

IAN LAURIE, Philippe Beaussant, Former Lecturer in French in an Australian University, Member of the Académie française (1930–2016), Obituary

KENNETH DUTTON, Keith John Goesch, Foundation Professor of French at Macquarie University, Mauriac Specialist (1927–2015), Obituary

JANE GILMOUR, A Collection of Napoleonic Objects on Display in Australia;

A brief note about how a collection of Napoleonic objects, found their way to Australia, through a descendant of the illegitimate son of Louis Bonaparte.

Jules Verne, Jules Verne’s Mikhail Strogoff, translated by Stephanie Smee, illustrations by David Allan, foreword by Sophie Masson, reviewed by Patricia Clancy

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

The French Australian Review – No 59 Australian Summer 2015




LEAH RICHES, ‘De l’ombre à la lumière’: Remembering Fromelles through a Century of Private Grief and Public Politics

This article examines the way the memory of the battle of Fromelles has been sustained in private and public spheres. It identifies three distinct phases from 1916 to the present. First, remembrance was predominantly private and localised, driven by returned servicemen and families. Second, a resurgence of interest in war memory saw Fromelles enter a public commemoration phase from the 1980s. Finally, with the recovery of the Fromelles soldiers, there has emerged a major reconnection between Fromelles and Anzac in public discourse.

Keywords: Fromelles, RSL, renaissance of war memory, personal memory, politics of commemoration, Lambis Englezos

JACQUELINE DWYER, Ahead of their Time: the French Economic Mission to Australia 1918

This article undertakes a more detailed description and analysis of the Mission than has been done to date, in order to cast light on French-Australian relations of the time. The author has drawn on a number of sources: the Mission’s official report for the general public, The Economic Relations between France and Australia; an article by Robert Aldrich ‘La Mission Française en Australie de 1918’, which was based on the diplomatic archives of the Quai d’Orsay; and the Rapport Thomsen.

Keywords: French Economic Mission to Australia, General Pau, trade, wool, Labour Mission

COLIN NETTELBECK, The “Dernière Heure” as a Landmark Document in Franco-Australian Friendship

This article argues that the story of a magazine, The “Dernière Heure”, produced by members of the AIF awaiting repatriation after the Armistice, contains many aspects of the complex story of the disengagement of Australian forces from the First World War, an assessment of the costs and an awareness of a deepening friendship between Australia and France.

Keywords: The “Dernière Heure”, The Jackass, Australian General Hospital in Rouen, James R. W. Taylor, Cyril Leyshon White, 1918-9

JANE GILMOUR, An Australian Chaplain on the Western Front, 1916. Extracts from the Diary and Letters of the Reverend Chaplain Joseph Lundie

Using her grandfather’s diary and a few letters that have survived, the author describes her grandfather’s experience as a chaplain with the Ninth Battalion on the Western Front. The published memoires of other chaplains add further substance to the experiences and attitudes of chaplains at the front.

Keywords: Ninth Battalion, Reverend Chaplain Joseph Lundie, 1916, the Western Front, Fleurbaix, conscription debate, chaplains

PAULINE GEORGELIN, Encounters between Diggers and Poilus: Finding the History in Family History

This article investigates the intersection between family history and its wider context, by exploring aspects of the interactions between French and Australian soldiers. It draws on family history research about the author’s grandfather who was born in France, moved to Australia and returned to France as a digger.

Keywords: family history, 14th Battalion, the Western Front, 1918, the ‘International Post’ interaction between French and Australian soldiers, the AIF Education Service

JILLIAN DURANCE, ‘Un bon souvenir pour nous’: Australian Soldiers Billeted in France and Belgium after World War I

This article is an exploration of the wartime connections between Australian soldiers and the people of France and Belgium. Its starting point is a postcard sent by a young Belgian woman to an Australian soldier (the author’s grandfather) after the war (1919).

Keywords: 21st battalion, 1919, host families, learning French, the Western Front, Nalinnes, contributions of the troops to village and rural life

ANDREW PLANT, Villers-Bretonneux: a Different Landscape. An Author’s Reflection on Remembrance of the Great War in Australia and France

The author, who is an author and illustrator of childrens’ books describes his research about the battle of Villers-Bretonneux and his visit to the town in 2011 to photograph, sketch and research locations for the book.

Keywords: Villers-Bretonneux, March 1918, role of the AIF in recapturing the town, Brigadier General Harold Edward Elliott, Brigadier General Thomas William Glasgow, German offensive on the Somme

ANNE BRASSART, ‘Je suis en Australie’: a Personal Memoir of Villers-Bretonneux

The author was a former inhabitant of Villers-Bretonneux and president of the Franco-Australian Assocaiaion of the village from 2007-2010. The article recalls her childhood memories of Villers-Bretonneux and her return, many years later to the village.

Keywords: impact of the war on the village, establishment of Museum in the school, Comité d’accueil Franco-Australien, the Australian Memorial, black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, 2009, Franco-Australian Association of Villers-Bretonneux

JOHN DRURY, Help from Afar: The Adoption of Dernancourt by Adelaide after World War I
This article recounts how Adelaide decided to adopt Dernancourt in Picardie at the end of World War I

Keywords: Dernancourt, the Somme, the British League of Help, Berthe Mouchette, Maire Lion, General Pau, fundraising activities

ELAINE LEWIS, A Selected Bibliography of Australian Literature Relating to World War I

Notes on Contributors to this Special Edition of FAR

The French Australian Review – No 58 Australian Winter 2015

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

JILL DONOHOO, ‘Terre vraiment étrange’: French Travel Writers on Australian Cities between the Gold Rush and Federation

The author explores the reactions to Australian cities of several French visitors between 1851 and 1901, who, on their return to France, published books on their experiences in Australia.

Keywords: travel writers, concept of the ‘other’, the built environment, social behavior, ‘old world’ comparisons, convict heritage, socio-political reform, working life,

LES HETHERINGTON, The Sydney French Club, 1885–1893

This article focuses on the Sydney French community in the 1880s and early 1890s, revealing the existence of a club where the leading figures of this community could meet, organise their activities and attempt to influence the local Australian establishment, occasionally competing with the French Consulate.

Keywords: Cercle français (French Club), Cosmopolitan Club, French woolbuyers, French Association, 1880s and 1890s, French occupation of the New Hebrides, consular activities

PATRICIA CLANCY, Tasma’s Remarkable Career as a Lecturer in France and Belgium (1880–1893)

This is an account of the career of a highly gifted Australian woman who, under the pseudonym of ‘Tasma’, became a cultural ambassador for her country in France and Belgium, using the then popular medium of public lectures.

Keywords: Jessie Couvreur (pen-name Tasma), Max O’Rell (Léon Paul Blouet), public speaking/lecturing, journalism, Société de géographie commerciale de Paris, status of women

WILLIAM LAND, Lapérouse and the Identity of the Skeleton of the Unknown Mariner of Vanikoro

The author, medically qualified and the President of the Friends of the Lapérouse Museum at Botany Bay, reports on a most unusual doctoral thesis in Dentistry from the University of Nantes, on the subject of the dentition of the human skeleton discovered in 2003 at the Lapérouse expedition’s Vanikoro shipwreck site. The report covers many unexpected aspects of the expedition, much of it beyond the specific dental focus of the thesis.

Keywords: forensic dental examination, Lapérouse expedition, Vanikoro island, skeleton identification, facial reconstruction, Lepaute Dagelet

IVAN BARKO and ELAINE LEWIS, A Desktop Editor who Concealed her Many Qualifications and her Distinguished Career — Kate Jones (1949–2015), Obituary


L. F. Bollée and Philippe Nicloux, Terra Australis, reviewed by Alexis Bergantz

Prue McCausland & Marion Sargent, compilers, The Tasmanian Exhibition 1891–92, with over 1000 biographies from the Launceston Family Album, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop

Adrian Mitchell, Plein Airs and Graces: The life and times of George Collingridge, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop

Alistair Rolls, John West-Sooby and Jean Fornasiero (eds), If I Say if: the Poems and Short Stories of Boris Vian, reviewed by Colin Nettelbeck

Douglas Wilkie, The Journal of Madame Callegari: The true story behind Alexandre Dumas’s book The Journal of Madame Giovanni, note by Kerry Mullan

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

The French Australian Review – No 57 Australian Summer 2014–2015

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

COLIN NETTELBECK, French-Australian Relations: Towards an Historical Perspective

The author argues the need for the construction of a full-scale historical overview of French-Australian relations. In analysing a broad range of the achievements of French-Australian studies as a field of scholarship, it sketches out some of the areas where work still needs to be undertaken, and proposes some general structures to guide the development of the synthesis.

Keywords: French voyages of discovery in the Pacific, French presence in Australia, migration, relationship through trade, diplomacy, Alliance Française, academic study, arts and culture

MARGARET SANKEY, Mirroring the Archives: the Writing of Australian History and the Baudin Expedition

Using her expertise as one of the leaders of the Baudin Legacy Project, the author recounts the history of work on both British and French archival material relevant to Australian history. The use of digital technology has expanded the availability of archival resources to researchers in this country and elsewhere.

Keywords: archival resources, Baudin expedition, Comte Alphonse de Fleurieu, Société de Géographie, Joint Copying Project, Baudin Legacy Project, microfilm, digitization, Archives Nationales

THIERRY VINCENT, The Charles-Alexandre Lesueur Special Collections Before, During and After the Second World War

This article focusses on one of the most significant components of the archives of the Baudin expedition, namely the invaluable Lesueur special collections, and tells the story of their fate before, during and after the Second World War.

Keywords: Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, Baudin expedition, Muséum d’histoire naturelle of Le Havre, Muséum national d’histoire naturelle (Paris), World War II

CLAIRE EDWARDS and KERRY MULLAN, Migration of Young French Professionals to Australia

This article presents the results of a research project on the reactions of young French professionals in Australia on a working visa to their new surroundings. The project explores both the economic outcome of their venture and the psychological aspects of their integration, or lack of it, into the Australian working environment.

Keywords: economic migration, lifestyle, liveability, workplace culture, working holiday visas, Temporary Work (skilled) visas

STEPHEN ALOMES, Le Mal napoléonien and the Global Malaise. A Jospin Festival in Melbourne

This article reflects on former French socialist prime minister Lionel Jospin’s visit to Australia in December 2014 and his recently published book, Le Mal napoléonien.

Keywords: Lionel Jospin, Paul Keating, Napoléon’s myth and legacy, Tom Nairn, European imperialism, political disengagement, the legacy of the Enlightenment.

MARGARET SANKEY, The State Visit to Australia of the French President, François Hollande

A report on the first French presidential visit to this country in November 2014, by François Hollande, focusing on his visit to Sydney and the lunch held in his honour at Kirribilli House.

Keywords: François Hollande, G20 meeting in Brisbane, French businesses in Australia, relationship between France and Australia

PATRICIA CLANCY, Pierre Ryckmans, China Specialist, Public Intellectual and Author of a Minor Literary Masterpiece, Obituary

PATRICIA CLANCY, Colin Thornton-Smith, A Scholar of French Language and Literature, Australian Catholicism and French-Australian History, Obituary


Michael Pembroke, Arthur Phillip: Sailor, Mercenary, Governor, Spy, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Edward Duyker, Dumont d’Urville: Explorer & Polymath, reviewed by John Dunmore

Paul de Pierres, Allies Forever / Alliés pour toujours: A record of war service by Frenchmen and Belgians from Australia, note by Elaine Lewis

Ben McCann, Ripping Open the Set: French Film Design, 1930–1939 (New Studies in European Cinema), note by John Emerson

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

The French Australian Review – No 56 Australian Winter 2014


TOM LOCKLEY, Maurice Guillaux: France’s Forgotten Pioneer Airman in Australia

This article coincides with the centenary of the first postal flight in Australia carried out by French pioneer airman, Maurice Guillaux. That historic flight between Melbourne and Sydney took place in July 1914. The article summarises what can be found out about Guillaux’s life and career, focussing on his two hundred days in Australia and on the refutation of the absurd allegation that in 1917 he was shot as a German spy.

Keywords: Maurice Guillaux, postal flight, airman, Caudron bi-plane, the Pommery Cup, Louis Blériot, Melbourne-Sydney mail flight, World War 1

PETER BROWN & JACQUELINE DWYER, The French-Australian League of Help: Restoring the Record

Drawing on previously unused sources, the authors recount the history of the French-Australian League of Help and an appraisal of its work. It also analyses the representation of the League in the press and in subsequent historical writing.

Keywords: French-Australian League of Help, ‘France’s Day’ 1917 (14th July), Marie-Thérèse Playoust, W.A. Holman, Augustine Soubeiran, public donations, Paris Distribution Committee, Pau Mission, orphanages in France

MARIE RAMSLAND, War, Writing and the Wenz Family

An exploration of the close relationship between Australia and France during World War 1 through the writings and actions of members of the Wenz family, particularly those of the French-Australian author Paul.

Kewords: World War 1, Paul Wenz, Wenz family, Red Cross, wool traders, Champagne region

EDWARD DUYKER, France’s Military Dead in Australia: an Historical Survey

This article is an edited text of a talk given by Edward Duyker to the Francophone Association of Southern Sydney earlier this year. It is an historical record of French military and naval graves in Australia.

Keywords: Australian war graves in France, French military graves in Australia, return of French servicemen from World War 1


Andrew Plant, The Poppy, reviewed by Colin Nettelbeck

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

Explorations – No 55 Australian Summer 2013-2014


IVAN BARKO, The Alliance Française of Sydney between the Two World Wars: A Study in Leadership

In contrast to the Melbourne Alliance, no archives of the Sydney Alliance (either local, including Australian libraries, or at the Paris headquarters) have survived for the period under consideration. The author’s main source for this history was the holdings of the French-language weekly Le Courrier australien which, between 1899 and 1937, described itself as the ‘organ of the Committee of the Alliance Française and the Chamber of Commerce’. Other sources include newspaper articles and correspondence.

Keywords: Alliance Française of Sydney, Alfred Wunderlich, Paul Bonnet, leadership

MARIA CHISARI, Dual Nationality in France and Australia: Recent Debates on Social Cohesion and Civic Values

This article presents an historical analysis of the debates and events that have put into the spotlight the notion of dual nationality in contemporary France and provides a comparative analysis with recent reforms to citizenship laws in Australia.

Keywords: national identity, citizenship, immigration, Nicolas Sarkozy, the Front National, Goasguen Report, civic education, Australian Values Statement, Australian Citizenship Council, Marine Le Pen, football

JACQUES BIRNBERG, A Cultural Mediator Who Took Innovation from Australia to France: Roger Maurice Armand Laufer 1928–2011, Obituary

WALLACE KIRSOP, Scholar of French Poetry over Three Continents: James Ronald Lawler 1929–2013, Obituary

KERRY MULLAN, The Melbourne Salons 2013

The other Napoleon: the extravagant gas-lit Second Empire of Napoleon III, presented by David Hood with assistance from Carl Ridgeway (April 2013)
A City of Love and a terre sauvage: French Dreams, Australian Dreams, by Stephen Alomes, and Sarah Turnbull in conversation with Elaine Lewis (July 2013)
Colette’s France: Her lives, her loves, by Jane Gilmour in conversation with Elaine Lewis (October 2013)

A note about the three ISFAR events held in Melbourne in 2013


Nicole Starbuck, Baudin, Napoleon and the Exploration of Australia, reviewed by Margaret Sankey

Jane Gilmour, Colette’s France: her lives, her loves, reviewed by Patricia Clancy

Valérie Benghezal, Olivia Lau, Georges-Goulven Le Cam et al., Jetlag Stories: Australie (French Edition), reviewed by Colin Nettelbeck

EMUE, a French publishing house based in Melbourne: French books on the move, note by Elaine Lewis

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

Explorations – No 54 Australian Winter 2013

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

DOUGLAS WILKIE, Marie Callegari in Australia: the Identity of Alexandre Dumas’s Narrator in Le Journal de Madame Giovanni

This article presents the case for identifying Alexandre Dumas’s narrator in Le Journal de Madame Giovanni as Louisa La Grange, who was transported to Van Diemen’s Land in 1843. It traces the life story of Louisa La Grange, who changed her identity many times and assumed different names, including Marie Callegari.

Keywords: convicts, Marie Callegari, Louisa La Grange, Alexandre Dumas, musical performances, gold fields

JILL DONOHOO, Australian Reactions to the French Penal Colony in New Caledonia

This is an historical essay on Australian reactions to the mid-nineteenth century French take-over of New Caledonia. Jill Donohoo highlights ‘post-convict shame’ as a likely reason for the Australian colonies’ opposition to the establishment of a penal colony in the Pacific and she analyses the emergence of an early independent Australian foreign policy.

Keywords: French penal colony, New Caledonia, post-convict shame, security threat, foreign policy, spying

LES HETHERINGTON, An Emigrant, not a Traveller: Adolphe Prosper Duprez

This article tells the story of Adolphe Prosper Duprez, a public-spirited French immigrant who was largely responsible for the building of a road from Bowral in the Southern Highlands of New South Wales to the Wombeyan Caves. Duprez had chosen Bowral as his home and lived there for three decades until his death in 1900, shortly after the opening of the road which meant so much to him.

Keywords: Adolphe Prosper Duprez, NSW, gold fields, Bowral, Wombeyan Caves

VÉRONIQUE DUCHÉ, Elliott Christopher Forsyth (1924–2012), Obituary

MARIE RAMSLAND, Sue Ryan-Fazilleau (1955–2012), Obituary


Noelene Bloomfield with the assistance of Michael Nash, Almost a French Australia: French-British Rivalry in the Southern Oceans, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Viviane Fayaud, Le Paradis autour de Paul Gauguin, Paris, CNRS Éditions, Collection Réseau Asie directed by Jean-François Saboure, reviewed by Fiona Caro

Derek Guille, illustrated by Kaff-eine, translated by Anne-Sophie Biguet, The Promise: the Town that Never Forgets/N’oublions jamais l’Australie, reviewed by Colin Nettelbeck

Marie Darrieussecq, All the Way (Clèves), translated by Penny Hueston, reviewed by Patricia Clancy

Australian Journal of French Studies, vol. L, no 1, January-April 2013, special issue ‘La Terre australe : History and Myth’, note by Ivan Barko

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

Explorations – No 53 Dec 2012


Errata (Explorations 53)

THIERRY VINCENT, An 1802 Aboriginal Necklace rediscovered in the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle of Le Havre

The author, who is a curator at the Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle du Havre, recounts the story of a forgotten Aboriginal necklace he rediscovered in the Museum’s collections in 2005. He argues that, contrary to its labelling, which indicates a New Caledonian provenance, the artefact was acquired at Port Jackson in 1802 by artist and naturalist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, a member of the Baudin expedition. After his death the necklace was eventually incorporated into the collections of the Museum. Thierry Vincent traces not only the itinerary of the necklace but also the changing fortunes of the Museum in war and peace.

Keywords: Aboriginal artefacts, Charles-Alexandre Lesueur, Nicholas Baudin, Muséum d’Histoire Naturelle of Le Havre, Eugène Delessert, Josephine Bonaparte

SABINE COTTE, ‘Destins croisés’ in Australia: Art Conservation with Mirka Mora

The author is a French art conservator who lives and works in Melbourne. She presents an account of her collaboration with Mirka Mora, a celebrated artist and Melbourne icon, also of French background. Through case studies of three public artworks, the author sheds light on the respective importance of a collaborative approach to conservation, where the original intention of the artist is respected. She also highlights the importance of materials, as well as time constraints and cultural sensitivities.

Keywords: Mirka Mora, public artworks, art conservation

JACQUELINE MACNAUGHTAN, ‘Pour l’Art’: An Artist’s Family

This article traces the story of the author’s great-aunt Adélaïde (Ada) Hautrive-Leysalle. Ada, whose father was a French wool buyer and mother a New Zealander, grew up in Australia and France. Based on her letters and diary entries, the story describes her relationship with her parents, her siblings and other members of the family as well as her tormented marriage to French sculptor Émile Leysalle.

Keywords: nineteenth century French family life, Émile Leysalle, Marceau Hautrive

LINDA, STEPHEN & SARA ROSENMAN, Helen Rosenman (1921–2009) Obituary

JULIET FLESCH, Ivan Page (1938–2012) Obituary

KERRY MULLAN, ISFAR French Jazz Evening

A note about the French Jazz evening held by ISFAR in late 2012.

KERRY MULLAN, Dialogues: The Melbourne French Salon 2012

A note about the establishment of a Melbourne Salon modelled on the Sydney Salon and on the evenings held during the year.


Peter McPhee, Robespierre: A Revolutionary Life, reviewed by Robert Aldrich

John S. McKenzie, Images of Bodily Mechanics: The Institut Marey, Paris, 1902–1977, reviewed by Andrew Bendrups

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes