Explorations – No 31 Dec 2001

(issued April 2002)


WALLACE KIRSOP, Colette Reddin 1920-2000. Obituary

MARGARET SANKEY, The Baudin Expedition in Port Jackson, 1902 Cultural Encounters and Enlightenment Politics

The article is adapted from a paper given at the 2001 conference at the University of Western Australia on the ‘Cultural Encounters in the Indian Pacific Region 1200-1800. The paper explores the cultural encounters and exchange that occurred when two French vessels, the Naturalist and the Géographe stopped in for five months at the English colony of Port Jackson in 1802.
Keywords: Baudin Expedition, Port Jackson, cultural encounters, Indian Pacific, Naturalist, Géographe

WALLACE KIRSOP, Paul Maistre’s First Farewell

A note on Paul Maistre’s personal file in the archives of the Ministère des Affaires Étrangères in Paris. Maurice Brodsky’s column text extends Colin Thornton-Smith’s account of Maistre and his failure to reform the Alliance Française.

Keywords: Paul Maistre, French Consul, Alliance Française, Maurice Brodsky


Anthony J. Brown, Ill-Starred Captains: Flinders and Baudin, reviewed by Elliott Forsyth

Brian Andrews, Australian Gothic: The Gothic Revival in Australian Architecture from the 1840s to the 1950s, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Henri Gilbert, Colin Dyer (ed. and trans.), A Frenchman’s Walk Across the Nullarbor: Henri Gilbert’s Diary, Perth to Brisbane, 1897-1899, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Helen Hewson, Australia: 300 Years of Botanical Illustration, reviewed by Edward Duyker