Explorations – No 34 Jun 2003

(issued February 2004)

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

MARIE AND JOHN RAMSLAND, Visitors with “an unusual charm”: French Celebrities at the Australia Hotel, 1891–1932

The authors, both of the University of Newcastle, explore the French associations of the now-defunct Hotel Australia in Castlereagh Street in Sydney, focusing on its foundation late in the nineteenth century and its status as the pre-eminent destination for sophisticated European travellers into the early decades of the twentieth.

Keywords: Hotel Australia, Sarah Bernhardt, Castlereagh Street

IVAN BARKO, French-Australian Relations in the Pacific during Bill Hayden’s Term as Minister for Foreign Affairs 1983–1988
This paper gives an account of the fluctuations of French-Australian relations during Bill Hayden’s term as Minister for Foreign Affairs. The 1980s were a period of ostensible conflict between France and Australia, the result of disagreements on nuclear policy in the Pacific and decolonisation in New Caledonia. Drawing on personal recollections and retrospective assessments by Bill Hayden and unpublished material specially released by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs, the investigation challenges certain idées reçues.

Keywords: Bill Hayden, Minister for Foreign Affairs, New Caledonia, decolonisation, French-Australian relations, nuclear testing, Rainbow Warrior


John Dunmore, trans. & ed., The Pacific Journal of Louis-Antoine de Bougainville 1767-1768, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Philippe Godard & Tugdual de Kerros, Louis de Saint Aloüarn, Lieutenant des vaisseaux du Roy: un marin breton à la conquête des Terres Australes, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands: Second Edition, 1824. Book IV, comprising chapters XXII to XXXIX by François Piron; continued by Louis Freycinet, translated by Christine Cornell, reviewed by Edward Duyker