The French Australian Review – No 61 Australian Summer 2016-2017


JILL DONOHOO, NSW Premier William Holman and the ‘inexhaustible interest of French literature and affairs’

This is an exploration of the public and private aspects of William Holman’s francophilia and its significance in his life. Holman was premier of New South Wales between 1913 and 1920 and he was a very public supporter of the French war effort. The article seeks to provide insights into the reasons for Holman’s francophilia.

Keywords: William Arthur Holman, World War One, French mission to Australia, French Australian League of Help, conscription, French community in Sydney

FLORENT VIGUIÉ, The Collaboration between Writer Daniel Keene and his Translator Séverine Magois: A Successful Mediation

This is the translation (by Phoebe Weston-Evans) of an article previously published in the French journal Traduire. It examines the success of the playwright Daniel Keeene in France and the role played in that success by Séverine Magois, who was his translator and then his agent, promoting his work to publishers and directors.

Keywords: ‘Semaine des auteurs australiens’, Comédie Française, Sydney Theatre Company, Tim Maddock, Ariette Taylor, Maison Antoine Vitez, Jacques Nichet, Laurent Laffargue, Renaud Cojo

ALEXIS BERGANTZ, Mapping the Consul’s Treasure: A Discussion and Guide to French Consular Archives

A valuable contribution to the cataloguing of archives restored to France after their discovery in Australia in the late 1980s. This note is a guide to the archives now housed in two sites in France.

Keywords: Archives du Ministère des Affaires Étrangères, La Corneuve, Centre des Archives Diplomatiques de Nantes (CADN), Sydney and Melbourne consulates, 1854-1997

EDWARD DUYKER, On the Trail of Lapérouse

This is a report on Edward Duyker’s research undertaken when he was in residence at the Keesing Studio in Paris in the first half of 2016. He was doing research for a biography of Jean-François Galaup de Lapérouse.

An account of a number of events that took place in Paris and France in April 2016, relating to Australia-French relations

Keywords: Villers-Bretennoux, Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove, L’oeil et la main, Exhibition of artwork from the Baudin expedition

A brief catalogue of ISFAR activities from 2014-2016

Courtesan and Countess: The Lost and Found Memoirs of the French Consul’s Wife, translated and annotated by Jana Verhoeven, Alan Willey and Jeanne Allen, reviewed by Jane Gilmour

Le Conte de Beauvoir, Ludovic de Beauvoir’s Visit to Australia (Voyage autour du monde, Tome 1), translated and edited by John Melville-Jones, contributions by Nicola Cousen, Steve Mullins, Stefan Petrow, Marie and John Ramsland, reviewed by Jill Donohoo

Natalie Edwards, Ben McCann and Peter Poiana (eds), Framing French Culture, reviewed by Marie Ramsland

Marie Darrieussecq, Men: A Novel of Cinema and Desire (Il faut beaucoup aimer les hommes), translated by Penny Hueston, reviewed by Charlotte Mackay

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes.