Explorations – No 12 Jun 1992

WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword C.W. NETTELBECK, Interview with J.G. Cornell, 17 October 1984 J.G.Cornell (b. 1904) is interviewed by Colin Nettelbeck and remembers Alliance Française personalities such as Louise Hansen Dyer, Marguerite Cockerton, Edouard Gay and many others, especially those who participated in theatrical productions. He speaks also of his memories of the teaching of French […]

Explorations No 7 – Dec 1988

WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword FRANÇOIS FONTAINE, A Coopérant’s Experiences in Melbourne The 23-year old author, on a two-year (1977-79) work experience contract (in lieu of twelve months’ military service), was assigned to the Alliance Française in Melbourne as a teacher and a multi-skilled helper. The article is a highly personal and often humorous account of this […]