The French Australian Review – No 64 Australian Winter 2018

JANE GILMOUR, Foreword BARRY McGOWAN, Convicts and Communards: French-Australian Relations in the South Pacific, 1800–1900 An examination of the impact on French-Australian relations of the decision by the French government to establish a penal colony in New Caledonia. The article documents Australian reactions to the colony drawing on press reports and official documents. The transportation […]

The French Australian Review – No 63 Australian Summer 2017-2018

ELAINE LEWIS, Foreword THIERRY VINCENT, An Exploration of the Fate of the Australian and Tasmanian Ethnographic Collections brought back by the Baudin Expedition, following the 1804 French Scientific Voyage to Australia [Australian and Tasmanian objects deposited at the Château de Malmaison] Explorer Nicolas Baudin was entrusted with assembling a collection of plants and animals for […]

Explorations – No 32 Jun 2002

(issued September 2002) IVAN BARKO, Foreword KENNETH R. DUTTON, Henri Rochefort and his Companions in Australia Professor Dutton’s study details the short but notable trip made by Henri Rochefort and his companions to Newcastle and Sydney and their reception there in March and April 1874 after their escape from New Caledonia, where they had been […]