Explorations – No 42 Jun 2007

WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword ERIC BOUVET & ELIZABETH BOUDET-GRIFFIN, French Migration to South Australia (1955-1971) In this demographic study the authors provide a concise but comprehensive summary of historical patterns in French migration to Australia at the national level. This is followed by a detailed analysis of data obtained from the Adelaide Branch of the National […]

Explorations – No 13 Dec 1992

WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword EDWARD DUYKER, The First French in Australia: the Soldiers of the Batavia 1629 The author reconstructs the role that eight French soldiers played in the story of the Batavia’s foundering off the coast of Western Australia and the subsequent mutiny from translations of Francisco Pelsaert’s journals, included in Henrietta Drake-Brockman’s Voyage to […]