Explorations – No 45 Dec 2008

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

ADRIAN MITCHELL, ‘A Bit of a Froggie’: George Collingridge de Tourcey in a Different Light

This is a study of George Collingridge, a Sydney author and artist of English birth and French upbringing, and his role in the cultural life of Australia in the second half of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century. He made major contributions to the arts and the study of exploration in the Pacific.

Keywords: exploration in the Pacific, French cultural identity, multiculturalism, The Discovery of Australia, influence of Corot

ERIC BOUVET, Promoting Migration to Australia in France in the 1960s

This study is based on archival material collected in Australia and information published in the French press. It sketches the way that migration to Australia was publicised in France in the 1960s in spite of the French government’s reluctance to allow its citizens to emigrate. Interest was strong, partly due to the schemes of assisted migration.

Keywords: Migration Office at the Australian Embassy in Paris, General Assisted Passage Scheme, 1945 exhibition ‘Australia in Peace and War’, French government attitude to emigration

COLIN NETTELBECK, A Conversation with Wallace Kirsop

This is a dialogue between two of the founders of the Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations (ISFAR), in the form of an interview of Wallace Kirsop by Colin Nettelbeck. It features the recollections of Explorations’ outgoing Editor of the beginnings of the journal and some of the highlights of its almost quarter of a century history as well as his personal reminiscences of his own interest in French-Australian connections.

Keywords: Wallace Kirsop, ISFAR, Explorations

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

Marie-Paule Leroux, A Frog in the Billabong: A French Woman in Tasmania, translated by Sabine Bouladon and Valerie Barnes, reviewed by Margaret Barrett

Alison Patience and Sally Matheson, Finding France in Australia, book note by Elaine Lewis

Explorations – No 40 Jun 2006

(issued June 2008)


COLIN NETTELBECK, What is This Thing Called France?
In his valedictory lecture delivered on his retirement in 2005 from the A.R. Chisholm Chair of French at the University of Melbourne, Colin Nettelbeck reflects on various aspects of French culture, history and geography and how they have determined France’s destiny and characterised concepts of freedom and individual liberty in French society.

Keywords: General de Gaulle, Alexis Léger, Saint-John Perse, the European Union, freedom, cultural autonomy, secularism, islam and muslims, anti-semitism, Algerian war, post-colonialism, film culture, ‘otherness’

As one of its founders, Colin Nettelbeck recalls the circumstances of the establishment of the Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations at Monash University in 1985 and the publication of the first issue of Explorations.

Keywords: Colin Nettelbeck, Wallace Kirsop, Dennis Davison, Anny Stuer, Monash University, ISFAR.

WALLACE KIRSOP, Surviving Volumes from the Shipboard Libraries of the Baudin Expedition

This brief note recalls the extraordinary size of the libraries carried by the Baudin expedition, the captain’s personal library consisting of no less than 1,125 items and the uncertainty surrounding the fate of these books on the conclusion of the expedition. Reference is made to the inclusion of a copy of one such book, with a proven provenance from the collection of Le Naturaliste, in an Antiquarian Book Fair held in Los Angeles in February 2006.

Keywords: Baudin expedition, Thévenot’s Relations de divers voyages curieux, antique book auction catalogues


Karlene Dimbrowsky, The Mysterious Baron of Castle Hill: The Life and Times of Chevalier Verincourt Declambe, reviewed by Edward Duyker and including the translation of Duyker’s entry about Pierre Lalouette de Vernicourt (dit De Clambe) for the Dictionnaire de Biographie mauricienne, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Colin Dyer, The French Explorers and the Aboriginal Australians 1772-1839, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Bruce Poulson, Recherche Bay: A Short History; Bob Brown, Tasmania’s Recherche Bay, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Paul de Pierres, Loyalty Sustained: The Story of the de Pierres Family in Australia and New Zealand, 1903-2003, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Henrietta Taylor, Veuve Taylor, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Mary Moody, Au revoir, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Damien Pignolet, French, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Elaine Lewis, Left Bank Waltz: the Australian Bookshop in Paris, reviewed by Patricia Clancy