Explorations – No 29 Dec 2000

(issued March 2001)


EDITORIAL COMMITTEE, Biographies of incoming Associate Editors, Ivan Barko and Edward Duyker

IVAN BARKO, French Perceptions of Australian Federation

This essay (which takes up almost the whole of Explorations no 29) analyses French reactions to the proclamation of Australian Federation at the beginning of the twentieth century. It explores them at three levels: the French Government’s stance, the views of French “Australia-watchers” and the feelings and opinions of the local French community (Le Courrier australien). The article also examines the views of French writers on social, economic and political developments in Australia.

Keywords: Ivan Barko, Georges Biard d’Aunet, Australian Federation, Le Courrier australien

JACQUES DE SAINT-FERJEUX, COLIN THORNTON-SMITH, Another Napoleonic victory for Dr Patricia Clancy

The Scott Moncrieff Prize for translation from the French, sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture, the French Embassy and the Arts Council of England, has this year been awarded to Patricia Clancy for her translation of The Dark Room at Longwood by Jean-Paul Kauffmann.

Keywords: Patricia Clancy, Scott Moncrieff Prize, The Dark Room at Longwood, Jean-Paul Kauffmann


Marc Serge Riviere (translator & editor), The Governor’s Noble Guest: Hyacinthe de Bougainville’s Account of Port Jackson, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Dominick LaCapra, History and Reading: Tocqueville, Foucault, French Studies, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Explorations – No 26 Jun 1999


IVAN BARKO, The Foundation and Early History of the Alliance française of Sydney

This history of the beginnings of the Alliance française of Sydney occupies the whole of no 26 of Explorations. The creation of the Sydney Alliance took place in two stages: a borrowing library sponsored by the Alliance française of Paris was set up by Georges Biard d’Aunet, the Consul General, in 1896. A fully-fledged Alliance was not established until 8th June 1899, still under the leadership of Biard d’Aunet, who became its foundation president. Led by Albert Pinard and Pierre Durieux the Alliance flourished but Pinard’s death introduced an unstable period. The long task of re-building the Alliance began in 1918, after the arrival of Chayet’s successor, C.R. Campana.

Keywords: Ivan Barko, Alliance française of Sydney, Georges Biard d’Aunet, Albert Pinard, Pierre Durieux, Alexandre Chayet, C.R. Campana