Explorations – No 35 Dec 2003

(issued August 2004) IVAN BARKO, Foreword VALERIE LHUEDÉ, Francis Barrallier, Explorer, Surveyor, Engineer, Artillery Officer, Aide-de-Camp, Architect and Ship Designer: Three Years in New South Wales (1800-1803) A major article by Valerie Lhuedé on Francis Barrallier, a protégé of Governor Philip King and more importantly a man of many talents, whose three years in the […]

Explorations – No 33 Dec 2002

(issued September 2003) WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword WALLACE KIRSOP, The State Library of Victoria and its French Collections This text gives an account the history of the State Library of Victoria’s collections, with special reflection on the French and foreign language collections. It is the first in a series on the resources available here and details […]