The French Australian Review – No 67 Australian Summer 2019-2020

JOHN WEST-SOOBY, Foreword ANGELA GIOVANANGELI, Communal Luxury and the Universal Republic in the Designs and Pedagogy of Lucien Henry WINNER OF THE 2019 IVAN BARKO AWARD Lucien Henry, Paris Communard and Australian artist, has been described by art historians as the most productive and influential artist working in Sydney from 1879 to 1891. He was […]

Explorations – No 32 Jun 2002

(issued September 2002) IVAN BARKO, Foreword KENNETH R. DUTTON, Henri Rochefort and his Companions in Australia Professor Dutton’s study details the short but notable trip made by Henri Rochefort and his companions to Newcastle and Sydney and their reception there in March and April 1874 after their escape from New Caledonia, where they had been […]