Explorations – No 31 Dec 2001

(issued April 2002) WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword WALLACE KIRSOP, Colette Reddin 1920-2000. Obituary MARGARET SANKEY, The Baudin Expedition in Port Jackson, 1902 Cultural Encounters and Enlightenment Politics The article is adapted from a paper given at the 2001 conference at the University of Western Australia on the ‘Cultural Encounters in the Indian Pacific Region 1200-1800. The […]

Explorations – No 23 Dec 1997

(issued November 1998) PATRICIA CLANCY, JACQUES DE SAINT-FERJEUX, COLIN THORNTON-SMITH, Foreword M. BLACKMAN, Transculturalism and Hybridity in the French-Australian Writer Paul Wenz Maurice Blackman considers the transcultural position displayed by Wenz in ‘both the content and the écriture of his texts’. ‘His point of view is not that of a Frenchman specifically, but of someone […]

Explorations – No 22 Jun 1997

(issued September 1998) PATRICIA CLANCY, JACQUES DE SAINT-FERJEUX, COLIN THORNTON-SMITH, Foreword COLIN THORNTON-SMITH, More on the Reform of the Alliance Française of Victoria Colin Thornton-Smith presents a letter written in 1900 from Madame Irma Dreyfus to the President of the Alliance Française commenting that it predates the story of ‘Paul Maistre’s pyrrhic victory in his […]

Explorations – No 18 Jun 1995

(issued December 1997) WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword R.W. HOME & Sara MAROSKE, Ferdinand von Mueller and the French Consuls Published here for the first time is a fascinating series of letters (May 1883 to November 1895) from the eminent botanist and explorer Ferdinand von Mueller, Victoria’s Government Botanist from 1853 until his death on 10 October […]

Explorations – No 17 Dec 1994

(issued October 1997) WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword C.B. THORNTON-SMITH, Paul Maistre, Vice-Consul and later Consul for France in Victoria, 1886-1898, 1901-1908 This article is a detailed account of Paul Maistre’s struggle to reform the Melbourne Alliance Française at the beginning of the twentieth century. Maistre, like Georges Biard d’Aunet, the Sydney-based Consul General for Australia was […]