Explorations – No 47 Dec 2009


FABRICE DAUCHEZ & JACQUELINE DUTTON, Ambiguous Australian Stereotypes in French Literature: The Case of Nullarbor by David Fauquemberg

The authors investigate the use and significance of stereotypes in David Fauquemberg’s Nullarbor. Dauchez and Dutton situate this recently published book in the tradition of French travel writing about the antipodes and examine how Fauquemberg negotiates the conflicting tendencies between exotic stereotypes on the one hand and authentic, original observation and narration on the other in his representations of Australia and its people.

Keywords: travel writing, Percy G. Adams, Travelers and Travel Liars, indigenous Australians, exoticism, stereotyping, landscape

CHLOE PATTON, ‘New Piety’ and Women’s Agency: A Critique of Bronwyn Winter’s Atheist Feminism

An exploration of the issue of the religiosity of young Muslim women in Western societies and their capacity to make free and autonomous choices. The article discusses Hijab and the Republic: Uncovering the French Headscarf by Australian feminist Bronwyn Winter. Placing Winter’s book in the context of recent scholarship on the topic, particularly of anthropological studies on the so-called ‘new piety’, Patton argues that feminist scholars need to pay closer attention to the agency of young women who wear the hijab.

Keywords: human rights, racism, secularism, hijab, freedom of conscience, oppression of women, women’s agency

WILLIAM LAND, Correcting the Record: The Founding of the Lapérouse Museum in Sydney

The author is President of the Friends of the Lapérouse Museum Association. He argues that the recent NSW government publication Challenges in the Landscape overlooks the role played by the French government, the French-Australian business and artistic community and the Lapérouse Association for the Australian Bicentenary in the creation of the Lapérouse Museum in Sydney.

Keywords: Lapérouse Museum, Sydney, Pierre Roussel, Dr Anne-Marie Nisbet

LAURENCE MOREUX, Discourse at the ‘LC Salon’: French and Australian Conversational Styles—A Study in Cross-Cultural Misunderstandings

The author gives an account of a recent meeting organised by the ‘LC Salons Association’ in Sydney where the language researcher Kerry Mullan and the author of Almost French Sarah Turnbull led a discussion on the cultural differences between Australian and French ways of communicating.

Keywords: Lycée Condorcet International French School in Sydney, Sophie Boland, Kerry MUllan, Sarah Tunrbull, Christophe Hoareau

LIA HILLS, Marie Darrieussecq in Melbourne

Lia Hills is the translator of Marie Darrieussecq’s latest novel, Breathing Underwater. She gives a brief account of Darrieussecq’s participation in the 2009 Melbourne Writers’ Festival.

Keywords: Marie Darrieussecq, Melbourne Writers’ Festival 2009


Jean-François Vernay, Panorama du roman australien des origines à nos jours, reviewed by Maurice Blackman

Xavier Pons Messengers of Eros: Representations of Sex in Australian Writing, reviewed by Hélène Jaccomard

La cuisinière républicaine, Paris, Mérigot jeune, An III [1794-1795]. Reprinted Luzarches, Morcrette, with a short historical essay by Daniel Morcrette, 1976, reviewed by Juliet Flesch

Colin Dyer, The French Explorers and Sydney, reviewed by Margaret Sankey

Charles Sowerwine, France since 1870: Culture, Society and the Making of the Republic, reviewed by Robert Aldrich

Ann Galbally, A Remarkable Friendship: Vincent Van Gogh and John Peter Russell, reviewed by Patricia Clancy

Book Notes, by Elaine Lewis
Aileen La Tourette, Late Connections
Pierre Grundmann, L’instinct de la tueuse

ELAINE LEWIS, French-Australian Bibliographical Notes

Explorations – No 44 Jun 2008

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

JANA VERHOEVEN, ‘The Biggest Thing in Years’: Max O’Rell’s Lecture Tour in Australasia

This article deals with the author Max O’Rell’s lecturing tour in Australia and New Zealand in the 1890s. O’Rell, who was French and whose true name was Paul Blouet, used humour to portray and criticise the major Western nations and their idiosyncrasies. The article examines O’Rell’s role as a major figure of the cross-cultural debate over manners and morals. It also examines the significance of lecturing as a form of mass entertainment.

Keywords: lecture tours, cultural stereotyping, Mark Twain, manners and morals, impressions of Australia

MARGARET BARRETT, French Nuclear Testing in the Pacific, 1995-1996, and its Fallout for French Australians

This study focuses on the period of the last set of French nuclear tests in the Pacific in 1995-1996, after the election of Jacques Chirac as President of the Republic. It examines the Australian response to the tests in the 1970s and then, using personal testimony, it examines the effects of public acrimony and hostility on French Australians in 1995-1996.

Keywords: Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons, President Chirac, Whitlam Government, South Pacific Nuclear Free Zone, protests, racism

IVAN BARKO, Félicité Cochard and the Foundation of the Sydney French Benevolent Society

This note is aimed at correcting an erroneous legend about the event which occasioned the foundation of the Sydney French Benevolent Society in 1891

Keywords: Félicité Cochard, Sydney French Benevolent Society, family history research