The Melbourne Salon archive 2014-2017

(Melbourne) Mon 25 Sep 2017 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents Les masculinités de la Révolution: L’hercule jacobin, le muscadin, la femme virile. Présentation en français par Jean-Marie Roulin, Professeur à l’Université de Lyon, suivie d’une discussion menée par Prof. Véronique Duché, de l’Université de Melbourne. Les profondes mutations politiques et sociales de la Révolution ont été accompagnées par une redistribution des rôles de la femme et de l’homme et une redéfinition des genres (au sens de « gender »). Cet exposé se concentrera sur les nouvelles représentations de la masculinité qui émergent dans des textes littéraires ou politiques, dans la peinture ou la caricature à partir de 1789.

(Melbourne) Thu 24 Aug 2017 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents Flanders in Australia: A Personal History of Wool and War From the late 19th century to the 1950s, many wool buyers from the Flanders region of France and Belgium emigrated to Australia with their families to establish careers as buyers for the woollen mills of Europe. Although originally they had no intention of remaining here permanently, many stayed, establishing a prosperous and vibrant French community.
A peaceful period of business building ended suddenly in 1914 when the Flanders men of Australia returned to the defence of their homeland. Their villages, towns and fields became the site of some of the worst killing of World War One. They fought and died in battles all along the Western Front. Jacqueline Dwyer’s grandfather came to Australia in 1889 and her father, Jacques, saw action with both French and Australian units. Through the life of this family a story of immigration, commerce and war is brought vividly to life.

(Melbourne) Thu 27 Apr 2017 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents Mobilities and Migrations in the Bordeaux Wine Trade: From Regional Rivalries to International Icons Terroir and tradition have long been hailed as the foundations for Bordeaux’s status as France’s leading wine region. But the City of Bordeaux’s geostrategic location on the Garonne River, feeding into the Gironde and out to the Atlantic, suggests that trade must also be credited for the region’s viticultural success. Associate Professor Jacqueline Dutton (University of Melbourne) will trace how regional, national and international mobilities and migrations influenced the evolution of Bordeaux wines from the standard “clairet” (the light coloured wine that the English called claret), to black wines (merlot-rich wines from St Emilion and the Right Bank), botrytised semillon (Sauternes and Barsac), and finally the classic Bordeaux blend from the Médoc. This presentation will be accompanied by a tasting to demonstrate these different wine styles from the Bordeaux region.

(Melbourne) Thu 20 Oct 2016 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents The French territories in the Pacific at the very heart of the Australian-French strategic partnership Paul Soyez will analyse how the future of the French territories in the Pacific plays a key role in the deepening of the French-Australian strategic dialogue. France’s presence in the South Pacific was once considered by Australia as a potential threat to its security. On the contrary, Australian policy-makers now describe France as their first partner in maintaining the region’s stability, as the recent submarine deal is supposed to testify. Paul will explain the reasons for this shift.

(Melbourne) Thu 21 Apr 2016, 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents La France à l’encan: Versailles, histoire d’un château et de ses collections. Avant, pendant et après la Révolution Française with Guillaume Dillée. This will be held in French.

(Melbourne) Thu 22 Oct 2015 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents A kiss from France: emotional labour, the Great War and untold stories from the Somme with Professor Bruce Scates at The Alliance Française, St Kilda, Melbourne.

(Melbourne) Thu 23 Jul 2015 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents An Exercise in Agape with Catherine de Saint Phalle and Eden Liddelow at The Alliance Française, St Kilda, Melbourne.

(Melbourne) Wed 1 October 2014 7pm – 9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents Behind the scenes at SBS French Radio, at the Alliance Française, St Kilda, Melbourne. Download the Flyer for full details (PDF 197Kb).

(Melbourne) Wed 16 July 2014, 7pm -9pm. The Melbourne Salon presents Somewhere in France at The Alliance Francaise, St Kilda, Melbourne with Diane de Saint Léger and Katie Wood. Somewhere in France is a teaching and research initiative jointly developed by the French Studies program at the University of Melbourne (Diane de Saint Léger) and the University of Melbourne Archives (Katie Wood) that aims to explore these seldom told Australian experiences of the war. This project is based on the rich and diverse WWI collection held at UMA and provides a snapshot of soldiers’ experiences in France. The presentation will include a segment by John Drury: ‘Dernancourt and Adelaide: Madame Mouchette and the Aftermath of the 1st World War’. Download the Melbourne Salon Flyer (PDF 215Kb).

(Melbourne) Tue 8 May 2014. The Melbourne Salon presents What next for the EU? at The Alliance Francaise, St Kilda, Melbourne with Professor Bruce Wilson, Eva Schwemmer and Dr Natalie Doyle.

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