Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations Inc

The Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations (ISFAR) was founded in 1985. ISFAR conducts research and serves as a resource centre in all areas of French-Australian relations – historical as well as contemporary – and in the sciences and technology as well as in the humanities.

The Institute organises a number of scholarly, educational and cultural events each year. Its meetings and colloquia cover a wide range of activities, reflecting its members’ broad range of interests. Its publication, The French Australian Review (formerly Explorations), published twice yearly, records the results of research on French-Australian connections.

ISFAR is a non-political, non-profit, cultural and educational organisation. Its committee includes representatives from Victoria’s universities and other institutions active in the field of French-Australian relations. It has a continuing link with universities across Australia and its journal has an international Advisory Board.

The French-Australian Dictionary of Biography

Initiated in 2017 by ISFAR, the French Australian Dictionary of Biography (FADB) seeks to provide accurate and readily-accessible information about people whose lives can be seen to have had a significant influence on a particular history. The FADB is a cumulative project where the history concerned is that of French Australian relations since European settlement of Australia. Included are figures who have made important contributions to links between Australia and France from many different categories: explorers, diplomats, musicians, artists, writers, scientists, business people, academics, politicians, religious figures, people involved in technology, medicine, sport, food and hospitality and so on. One of the aims of this Dictionary is to explore and express the diversity and complexity of those links for the benefit of the wider public.


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