The French-Australian Dictionary of Biography

The French-Australian Dictionary of Biography

Like the well-established Australian Dictionary of Biography, the French Australian Dictionary of Biography seeks to provide accurate and readily-accessible information about people whose lives can be seen to have had a significant influence on a particular history. In the FADB case, the history concerned is that of French Australian relations since European settlement of Australia. Initiated in 2017 by the ISFAR Research Committee, it is conceived as a cumulative project which, while beginning as a web-based process, will remain open to book-form printing from time to time, as the ISFAR Committee may deem as desirable and feasible. Figures who have made important contributions to links between Australia and France come from many different categories: there are explorers, diplomats, musicians, artists, writers, scientists, business people, academics, politicians, religious figures, people involved in technology, medicine, sport, food and hospitality – and this list is not exhaustive. One of the aims of this Dictionary is to explore and express the diversity and complexity of those links for the benefit of the wider public. Entries are made according to the following criteria:

1) Lives must be complete.
2) Lives must illuminate French Australian relations in some significant way: all potential entries are vetted and agreed to by the ISFAR Research Committee.
3) All entries will pass through the French Australian Review editorial team before being published.
4) It is a condition that permission to reproduce images has been obtained by the author of the entry.

Entries will normally be from 600 to 1000 words, illustrated if possible with an image of the person whose biography is being presented. Essential bibliographical information should be provided. The style to be adopted is that of the French Australian Review.

Inquiries about potential entries should be made in the first instance to the Chair of the ISFAR Research Committee, Colin Nettelbeck, by .


The French Australian Dictionary of Biography welcomes and will respond to constructive comments, questions and suggestions. We do not have the resources, however, to answer family history questions or value artefacts. While we are happy to correct errors of fact in the published biographies, we do not add extra information. PLEASE NOTE: We only correct errors if you send primary source evidence that supports your claims.