The French-Australian Dictionary of Biography

The French Australian Dictionary of Biography (FADB) provides informative short entries about people whose lives are revealing of the richness of Franco-Australian history. Historical subjects include explorers and diplomats, artists and scientists, academics and politicians, courtesans and convicts, and many more.

The FADB is a cooperative project that relies on the expertise and passion of its authors. Initiated in 2017 by the ISFAR Research Committee, it is conceived as a cumulative project which, while beginning as a web-based process, will remain open to book-form printing from time to time, as the Committee may deem desirable and feasible. The Research Committee regularly reviews the master list of entries and commissions authors with expertise to write new entries. Proposals for entries are also welcome and should be accompanied by a short (100 word) explanation of the significance of the figure in French-Australian relations or why they are noteworthy. Please note that the FADB only includes entries of people who have passed away. The Research Committee will decide on the suitability of the proposed entry for inclusion in the dictionary. If you wish to suggest adding a subject to the master list please contact the Editors of the FADB with a short rationale (100 words). If you wish to become an author of a future entry, please send the editors your area of interest or expertise. The ISFAR Research Committee will review suggestions and contact you.

Once an entry has been agreed and commissioned, the author should follow the guidelines set out below:

• Entries will normally be between 600 and 1,000 words in length.
• Where possible, they should be illustrated with an image of the subject. Authors must obtain permissions to reproduce the images and provide proof of their copyright status.
• All bibliographical information must be included.
• Entries should follow the attached FADB Submissions Guide.

Review Process

The entry will be read by the General Editor and assessed for its suitability for inclusion in the dictionary and adherence to the style guidelines. It may be sent back to the author for adjustment to meet these requirements.

It will then be passed to a specialist in the field, who will carry out a thorough review, including fact-checking.

Finally, the entry will be sent to the Research Committee and the editors of the French Australian Review for review and decision as to its inclusion in the dictionary.


The French Australian Dictionary of Biography welcomes and will respond to constructive comments, questions and suggestions. We do not have the resources, however, to answer family history questions or value artefacts. While we are happy to correct errors of fact in the published biographies, we do not add extra information. PLEASE NOTE: We only correct errors if you send primary source evidence that supports your claims.