The French Australian Review


The French Australian Review (formerly Explorations) is the six-monthly journal of the Institute for the Study of French-Australian Relations (ISFAR), available with ISFAR membership.
Founding Editors: Dennis Davison, Wallace Kirsop and Colin Nettelbeck.

The French Australian Review is a peer refereed journal, highly ranked in the Australian Research Council’s journal ranking list (ERA). It is managed by an Editorial Committee supported by an international Advisory Board. As well as fully refereed articles, The French Australian Review publishes other contributions such as notes, documents, essays, book reviews, and bibliographies on aspects of French Australian relations and experiences. The French Australian Review is open to receiving articles on the social and cultural, the political and economic, the contemporary as well as historical, including literature, the arts, popular culture, mutual perceptions at a distance, experiences of travellers and tourists, migration, the Francophone world and comparative studies.

Printed copies of the ten latest issues in the Index (208Kb PDF) are available for purchase by contacting . Prices, where copies are available, on request are:
• Members: $11 incl GST ($10 for overseas) plus postage
• Non-members: $16.50 incl GST ($15 for overseas) plus postage.
Older issues are freely available by clicking on an issue in the right hand Journal Archive index. The search field at the bottom right will search across the abstracts and keywords supplied in the Journal pages, but not within the journal documents themselves.

Editorial correspondence
Editorial correspondence may be addressed to the co-editors Ivan Barko, Elaine Lewis and Jane Gilmour by . Articles are to be submitted electronically in Microsoft Word format. Members of the Editorial Committee and the Advisory Board are happy to discuss prospective contributions.

Editors: Ivan Barko, Elaine Lewis and Jane Gilmour
Book Review Editor: Elaine Lewis
Cover Design: Judy Worthington
Associate Editor: Phoebe Weston-Evans
Editorial Committee
Professor Stephen Alomes (Chair)
Dr Patricia Clancy
Dr Jacqueline Dutton
Ms Elaine Lewis
Professor Colin Nettelbeck
Advisory Board
Professor Robert Aldrich
Professor Ivan Barko (Chair)
Dr Maurice Blackman
Professor Peter Brown
Professor Edward Duyker
Dr Viviane Fayaud
Professor Jean Fornasiero
Dr Jane Gilmour
Dr Matthew Graves
Professor Martine Piquet
Professor Xavier Pons
Dr Elizabeth Rechniewski
Professor Margaret Sankey