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(Melbourne) Thu 10 May 7PM – 8 PM – The Alliance Française, 51 Grey St, St Kilda. The Melbourne Salon presents Were it but for a lemon. The influence of scurvy on French exploration, conquest and colonisation in the 19th century was dramatic. While the two nations, France and England, rivalled each other in scientific discoveries and competed for new territories, the state of health of the crews of their sailing ships could not have been more different. When the le Géographe, captained by Nicolas Baudin, and the Investigator, captained by Mathew Flinders, met by chance while exploring and mapping the south coast of Les Terres australes (South Australia), the crew of the British ship was hale and hearty but that of the French was pitiful – exhausted by scurvy. Why so different? Dr James (Jim) Tibballs is an intensive care physician who has recently completed doctoral studies in French. He is a long-time Francophile – working in a Paris hospital in the 80s, now living three months each year in rural southern France and continuing his interest in French at the Alliance Française de Melbourne and at the University of Melbourne.
Cover charge $15 (includes wine and cheese).
Bookings and pre-payment essential please using: Alliance Française de Melbourne

(Sydney) Thu 17 May 6PM to 8PM – 13th floor, 257 Clarence St, Sydney. ISFAR French Australian Dialogues presents a second seminar on New Caledonia (in collaboration with the Alliance Française de Sydney): The Referendum in New Caledonia: what is at stake? By November 2018 New Caledonia will hold a referendum on the future of this French overseas territory to decide whether it will remain with France or become independent. Two experts will explore the background to this crucial vote: the evolving role of France in the Pacific; the issues surrounding the vote, such as the constitution of the electorate; and the choices to be put.
Bookings essential please using: Alliance Française de Sydney (followed by wine and cheese).

(Adelaide) Thursday 27th September for an all day ISFAR colloquium (in collaboration with the University of Adelaide). The Call for Papers is now available.

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