The 2021 annual Ivan Barko Award is announced

The 2021 Ivan Barko Award is awarded to Andrew Montana (Australian National University) for his article ‘Virtue and Sentiment: Madame Mouchette’s Art and Teaching in Melbourne 1881–1892’ published in The French Australian Review, number 70, Australian Winter, 2021.

Andrew’s research for this article focused on Berthe Mouchette’s impact on women, in particular, during the twelve years of her life spent in Melbourne. She was a professional artist and teacher who fostered an appreciation of women’s art through her own example and her student exhibitions. In so doing she expanded the public sphere in which women could operate in the evolving society of Melbourne towards the end of the nineteenth century.

Dr Andrew Montana is a senior lecturer at the Australian National University and researches in the areas of visual arts, architecture, design and the decorative arts. A PhD graduate of Melbourne University, he is the author of many articles on art and design and has written several books including Fantasy Modern: Loudon Sainthill’s Theatre of Art and Life, (NewSouth Publishing, 2013) and The Art Movement in Australia: design, taste and society 1875–1900 (Miegunyah Press, 2000).


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