Research & Donations

ISFAR is Australia’s only research centre in the field of the study of relations between Australia and France. Its journal, The French Australian Review (previously Explorations) is unique in terms of its coverage of the field, and is recognised as top-ranking by important sectors of the Australian research community. It is recognised by the Australian Research Council under two research categories: “Historical Studies” and “Language, Culture and Communication”.

The ISFAR Research Committee

• Professor Stephen Alomes (RMIT University)
• Professor Ivan Barko (University of Sydney)
• Professor Peter Brown (Australian National University)
• Professor Jean Fornasiero (University of Adelaide)
• Assoc Professor Kerry Mullan (RMIT University)
• Professor Colin Nettelbeck (University of Melbourne) Chair
• Professor Margaret Sankey (University of Sydney)

The role of the committee is to stimulate, assess and support research in the field of French Australian Relations. It also manages the ISFAR Research Fund.

The ISFAR Research Fund

The Research Fund serves to commission specific research projects, and to assist researchers in the development of research ideas and projects.

Two ongoing long term projects already being overseen by the Research Committee are:
• A biographical dictionary of important figures in the history of French Australian relations, the ‘French-Australian Dictionary of Biography’
• A compendium of French diplomatic representatives in Australia since 1842 (based on pioneering work by Ivan Barko), and of Australian diplomatic representatives in France.

Donate to the ISFAR Research Fund

If you would like to donate, then please complete the details and follow the instructions in the attached Donation form. Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible for Australian taxpayers and the ISFAR Research Fund will send you a Tax Receipt via email or mail.

For inquiries concerning ISFAR research activities, please contact the Chair, Colin Nettelbeck, by