The Influence of the Lecoq School on Australian Theatre

Author: LYNN EVERETT AND RUSSELL CHEEK The French Australian Review No 70 (Australian Winter 2021): 42-68 Lecoq School devotees in Australia have created popular and visually rich theatre that has widened the scope of audience appeal to include and embrace new spectators, taking theatre to people who would not ordinarily attend mainstream theatre performances. Through […]

Virtue and Sentiment: Madame Mouchette’s Art and Teaching in Melbourne 1881–1892

Author: ANDREW MONTANA The French Australian Review No 70 (Australian Winter 2021): 20-41 WINNER OF THE 2021 IVAN BARKO AWARD Australia in the early 1880s welcomed the professional artist and art teacher Berthe Mouchette from France, accompanied by her husband and her sister. Mouchette’s artistic and cultural influence was strong for well over a decade […]

The Légion d’Honneur in Australia

Author: WILLIAM A. LAND The French Australian Review No 71 (Australian Summer 2021-2022): 27–53 The history of the Légion d’honneur in Australia dates back to the first award which was made to Sir William Macarthur in 1855. The Légion d’honneur is situated in the context of other French awards and its significance in terms of […]

Australian Connections with the Franco-Prussian War 1870 and the Commune of Paris 1871

Author: PATRICIA CLARKE The French Australian Review No 71 (Australian Summer 2021-2022): 3–26 WINNER OF THE 2022 IVAN BARKO AWARD In 1870 the Sydney Morning Herald published reports of the fast-moving Franco-Prussian war from its Paris correspondent Anna Blackwell culminating in her forced departure from the city as it was about to be besieged by […]

French-Australian Relations: Une Entente Glaciale Revisited

Author: Kerry Mullan The French Australian Review No 72 (Australian Winter 2022): 115-141 In light of last year’s deterioration in French-Australian relations, this article will examine the AUKUS exchanges between former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and President Emmanuel Macron, with a particular focus on the underlying French and Australian English cultural values and assumptions which […]

Convergence and Divergence on Gender Inclusive Language in France and Australia

Author: Chantal Crozet Journal: The French Australian Review No 72 (Australian Winter 2022): 86-114 This article aims to reveal some rich points of ideological divergence and convergence of gender inclusive language (hereafter GIL) between France and Australia as found in scholarly literature and the written press. French and Australian societies are both being challenged by […]

Beatrice Grimshaw: Traveller, Writer and Advocate for Australian Imperialism in the South Pacific

Author: Elizabeth Rechniewski The French Australian Review No 72 (Australian Winter 2022): 38-60 The author argues that Beatrice Grimshaw was not only a traveller but a prolific writer, of novels, pamphlets and cruise brochures, newspaper and magazine articles that were highly influential in forming the contemporary public’s representations of the Pacific islands and their inhabitants. […]