The French Australian Review – No 57 Australian Summer 2014–2015

IVAN BARKO, Foreword COLIN NETTELBECK, French-Australian Relations – Towards an Historical Perspective The author argues the need for the construction of a full-scale historical overview of French-Australian relations. In analysing a broad range of the achievements of French-Australian studies as a field of scholarship, it sketches out some of the areas where work still needs […]

Explorations – No 49 Part II Dec 2010

EDWARD DUYKER, An Explorer’s Books: The Library of Dumont d’Urville EDWARD DUYKER, Dumont d’Urville’s Library: The Notarial Inventories This is a major investigation of Dumont d’Urville’s library. The analytical study is followed by an exhaustive inventory of Dumont d’Urville’s books compiled by the author who is currently completing a biography of the explorer. Keywords: Dumont […]

Explorations – No 48 Jun 2010

IVAN BARKO, Foreword KATIA MENGLET & COLIN NETTELBECK, Conflict or Symbiosis? The Alliance Française de Melbourne and French Cultural Policy since 1980 This article recounts the developments over the last two or three decades in the life and activities of the Melbourne Alliance Française, and the connection between these developments and French cultural policies at […]