Explorations – No 49 Part I Dec 2010

IVAN BARKO, Foreword JANA VERHOEVEN, Les deux noms and Petit journal de la fin de ma vie: Céleste de Chabrillan’s mémoires inédits This former Paris courtesan was the wife of the first French Consul in Melbourne, Count Lionel de Chabrillan. After her husband’s death she became an author, much of her writing having been inspired […]

Explorations – No 41 Dec 2006

(issued June 2008) IVAN BARKO, Foreword KENNETH R. DUTTON, Early Colonial Attitudes towards France and the French This article surveys the attitudes of early colonialists, particularly governors, to the French as well as their knowledge of the French language, and indeed of its literature. The article draws on various sources to give examples, including court […]

Explorations – No 35 Dec 2003

(issued August 2004) IVAN BARKO, Foreword VALERIE LHUEDÉ, Francis Barrallier, Explorer, Surveyor, Engineer, Artillery Officer, Aide-de-Camp, Architect and Ship Designer: Three Years in New South Wales (1800-1803) A major article by Valerie Lhuedé on Francis Barrallier, a protégé of Governor Philip King and more importantly a man of many talents, whose three years in the […]