Explorations – No 35 Dec 2003

(issued August 2004)

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

VALERIE LHUEDÉ, Francis Barrallier, Explorer, Surveyor, Engineer, Artillery Officer, Aide-de-Camp, Architect and Ship Designer: Three Years in New South Wales (1800-1803)

A major article by Valerie Lhuedé on Francis Barrallier, a protégé of Governor Philip King and more importantly a man of many talents, whose three years in the Colony were extraordinarily productive. The author is the grand-daughter of a Breton sailor and an architect by profession. She part-owns and has a
passionate interest in the old silver-mining village of Yerranderie in the area of the Blue Mountains first explored by Barrallier.

Keywords: Francis Barrallier, New South Wales, Yerranderie, Governor Philip King, nineteenth century, explorer

IVAN BARKO, “Le petit Condé”: the Death in Sydney in 1866 of Australia’s First Royal Visitor

This article recounts the little-known story of the young Louis d’Orléans’ visit to and death in Sydney in 1866. The prince, aged twenty, was almost certainly the first royal visitor to Australia and he was the last prince of the house of Condé.

Keywords: Le petit Condé, Louis d’Orléans, royal visitor

JANE SOUTHWOOD & EDWARD DUYKER, Frank Benson Horner (1917-2004). Obituary


Victor Barker, Baudin’s Last Breath, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Stuart Macintyre and Richard Selleck, A Short History of the University of Melbourne, reviewed by Edward Duyker