The French Australian Review – No 71 Australian Summer 2021-2022

ISSN 2981-894X (Online), ISSN 2203-5362 (Print) JANE GILMOUR & ELAINE LEWIS, Foreword   PATRICIA CLARKE, Australian Connections with the Franco-Prussian War 1870 and the Commune of Paris 1871 WINNER OF THE 2022 IVAN BARKO AWARD In 1870 the Sydney Morning Herald published reports of the fast-moving Franco-Prussian war from its Paris correspondent Anna Blackwell culminating […]

Explorations – No 33 Dec 2002

(issued September 2003) WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword WALLACE KIRSOP, The State Library of Victoria and its French Collections This text gives an account the history of the State Library of Victoria’s collections, with special reflection on the French and foreign language collections. It is the first in a series on the resources available here and details […]

Explorations – No 31 Dec 2001

(issued April 2002) WALLACE KIRSOP, Foreword WALLACE KIRSOP, Colette Reddin 1920-2000. Obituary MARGARET SANKEY, The Baudin Expedition in Port Jackson, 1902 Cultural Encounters and Enlightenment Politics The article is adapted from a paper given at the 2001 conference at the University of Western Australia on the ‘Cultural Encounters in the Indian Pacific Region 1200-1800. The […]