Explorations – No 36 Jun 2004

(issued March 2005)


ALISTAIR HURST, A Tribute to Judith Robinson-Valéry

The impetus for this personal and professional tribute is the fortieth anniversary of Judith Robinson-Valéry’s appointment to the new Chair of French at the University of New South Wales in 1963, which provides an opportune moment to record both her own distinguished career and the development of a different tradition of training at the University.

Keywords: Judith Robinson-Valéry, Chair of French, University of New South Wales, Judith Ogilvie White

WALLACE KIRSOP, Edward Duyker, or the Achievements of Independent Scholarship

An homage to the scholarly work of faithful Explorations collaborator Edward Duyker of the University of Sydney on the publication of Citizen Labillardiere: a Naturalist’s Life in Revolution and Exploration (1755-1834) (2003) being awarded the New South Wales Premier’s General History Prize.

Keywords: Edward Duyker, New South Wales Premier’s General History Prize, independent scholarship, Labillardiere

WALLACE KIRSOP, Traditions: Tyranny and Freedom

A printed reproduction of the talk delivered on 5 December 199 at the seventieth anniversary commemoration of the foundation of the McCaughey Chair of French in the University of Sydney. The
incoming successor in 1991 in the McCaughey line, Angus Martin, was then leaving a personal Chair of French at Macquarie University.

Keywords: McCaughey Chair of French, Sydney University, Angus Martin, Chair of French, Macquarie University.


Sarah Turnbull, Almost French: A New Life in Paris, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Victor Barker (ed.), Paris Studio: Contemporary Writing by Fourteen Australian Authors who Lived, for a While, in Paris, reviewed by Edward Duyker

Marc Serge Rivière (ed.), Daisy in Exile: The Diary of an Australian Schoolgirl in France (1887-1889), reviewed by Edward Duyker

Margaret Allen, Catherine Martin’s Library, with a List of the Books, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop