Explorations – No 43 Dec 2007

IVAN BARKO, Foreword

ALBERT SALON, A French Diplomat’s Reflections on Australia and the Pacific

With an introduction by Ivan Barko, which provides biographical information about Albert Salon, who was Cultural and Scientific Counsellor at the French Embassy in Canberra from 1969-1975. this article presents a chapter from Albert Salon’s book, Colas colo, Colas colère, both a personal memoir and vigorous political pamphlet.

Keywords: Canberra French School, Maison de France, nuclear testing in the Pacific, condemnation of the French by International Court of the Hague, national Federation of Alliances Françaises, Papua New Guinea, Noumea, New Caledonia

IVAN BARKO, Lepaute Dagelet at Botany Bay and his Encounter with William Dawes

This is an account of the life and career of the French astronomer Joseph Lepaute Dagelet, who was the senior astronomer on the Lapérouse expedition. he was elected to the Académie Royale des Sciences. Dagelet served on the Boussole, Lapérouse’s ship, and was close to his commander. The article focuses on the period spent by the expedition at Botany Bay between 26 January and 10 March 1788, and Dagelet’s encounter with the First Fleet’s astronomer, William Dawes. The two scientists were planning long-term cooperation but the Vanikoro shipwreck a few weeks later put an end to Dagelet’s life.

Keywords: École Militaire, Académie Royale des Sciences, Botany Bay, William Dawes, Vanikoro shipwreck sites, Jérôme Lalande