Explorations – No 42 Jun 2007


ERIC BOUVET & ELIZABETH BOUDET-GRIFFIN, French Migration to South Australia (1955-1971)

In this demographic study the authors provide a concise but comprehensive summary of historical patterns in French migration to Australia at the national level. This is followed by a detailed analysis of data obtained from the Adelaide Branch of the National Archives of Australia, on French migrants who arrived in South Australia between 1955 and 1971.

Keywords: migration, former French colonies in North Africa, May 1968, assisted passage, Alien Registration documents

HORRIE POUSSARD, Horace Remi Poussard: 19th Century Travelling Violonist

This article, by his great grandson, recounts the life of the violinist Horace Poussard, who came to Australia in 1861 and spent many years in Australia teaching, performing and working with other Australian and French musicians.

Keywords: Horace Poussard, Paris Conservatoire, René Douay, Florence Beverley, ‘The Dead Heroes’ (a musical poem), Louise Félicie, Jean (stage name Lottie Montal), Alice Charbonnet-Kellerman

WALLACE KIRSOP, Australian Artists in France

In this note the author reviews an exhibition on the theme of The Long Weekend: Australian Artists in Paris 1918-1939, held at the Bendigo Art Gallery in 2007-2008. A printed catalogue with a preface by the Gallery’s Director, Karen Quinlan

Keywords: Bendigo Art Gallery, Australian artists in Paris

WALLACE KIRSOP, The Huguenot Society of Australia

The purpose of this is to acquaint readers with the existence of the recently formed Huguenot Society of Australia and its publications. Reference is also made to other reference works on the Huguenots and the history of French protestantism which are available in Australia.

Keywords: Huguenots, Huguenot Times, Protestantism, Société de l’Histoire du Protestantisme français

WALLACE KIRSOP, Paul Wenz and Forbes

The author recounts his two visits, in 1994 and 2007 respectively, to Forbes, a major rural centre in NSW, with strong French-Australian connections, where French-Australian writer Paul Wenz and his wife owned a property. The note also contains information on Wenz-related material held in the Forbes Public Library.

Keywords: Paul Wenz, Erica C. Wolff, Joseph Bernard Reymond, Merrill Findlay, Paul WEnz Society


Wilga M. Rivers, Down Under/Up Top: Creating a Life, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop

Katherine Barnes, The Higher Self in Christopher Brennan’s Poems: Esotericism, Romanticism, Symbolism, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop

Christine Morrow, Une abominable époque: journal d’une Australienne en France 1940-1941, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop

Laurel Clark, F. F. Baillière, Publisher in Ordinary, Publisher Extraordinary, reviewed by Wallace Kirsop